TM3D Linear Rail Kit - Hardware Only

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Machine: CR-10 S5
Axis: Y Axis
Sale price$47.99


We are now offering our Linear Rail kits without the rails with this product page. 

If you already have rails you'd like to use, or want to use our hardware for a custom application this is for you. 

This product does not contain any linear rails, only the hardware and brackets. 

Currently available in the following variants:

CR-10 S5 - Y Axis

CR-10 MAX - Y Axis

CR-10S PRO - Y Axis


Hardware packs featured in our Linear Rail Kit
4 Y Axis Mounting Brackets (SLS PA12 Nylon, Aluminum)
2 Rail Alignment Blocks (FDM printed)
T Nut Insertion Helper (FDM printed)

Below are affiliate links on Amazon for linear rails that are compatible with our hardware kits. 

CR-10 MAX - Needs 2 x 600mm rails (2 MGN12H Carriages)

CR-10S Pro - Needs 2 x 450mm rails (2 MGN12H Carriages)

CR-10 S5 - Needs 2 x 700mm rails (2 MGN12H Carriages)

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