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Purchase the upgraded and fully tested Creality CR-X Pro 3D Printer with auto level from Tiny Machines 3D for easy assembly/use, quality control guaranteed, and free shipping. Our filament sensor upgrade for the CRX Pro is available. 

The Creality CR-X is all new with the Pro version. It is an awesome large scale, dual extruder, desktop 3D printer manufactured in China and distributed by Tiny Machines in Houston, Texas. Each Creality 3D printer is tested by Tiny Machines in Houston, TX. 

Pictures are for reference and small improvements are always being made. Currently, we're using some stock images from Creality with additional images showing the Bondtech gears.

What sets Tiny Machines 3D apart?

Each CR-X Pro machine is thoroughly inspected and the following updates are made:

  • BL Touch Installed 
  • Bondtech Dual-Drive Extruders 
  • Custom Tiny Machines 3D firmware
  • Z Sync Kit included
  • Purge Bucket 
  • Selected Upgrades Installed (Unless otherwise noted)

Shipping and Lead Time

CR-X Pro 3D Printers are tested here, at our Houston, TX facility and shipping is free  (mainland USA orders only) .

When machines are in stock, estimated lead time is 2-3 weeks. All machines ship FedEX Ground / Home Delivery. If you have another preference, contact us directly.

Shipping outside of the USA? CLICK HERE 



  • Dual Extrusion! 
    • Print in 2 colors
    • Print in 2 materials
    • Print with soluble supports
  • Amazing build volume! 300x300x400mm (12x12x16in.)
    • 270x270x400mm (Dual Color with purge tower
  • All Metal Frame with Fully Enclosed Electronics 
  • AUTO LEVELING with Genuine Antclabs BL TOUCH
    • Atmega 2560
    • TMC2208 Stepper Drivers for smooth, quiet operation
    • Dual Lead Screws 
      • Every CR-X machine from Tiny Machines 3D includes a Z Sync Kit
    • Dual Geared Dual Extruders with mirrored Bowden Bondtech Extruders
      • Metal Extruder Parts and bronze thrust washers for Longevity
      • Genuine Bondtech components for quality
    • Billet Aluminum Hot end with dual part cooling fans
      • Uses propietary nozzles. They can be found HERE
    • 2 rolls of 1 kg PLA Included! 
    • Enclosed Design with electronics beneath
    • 24V Meanwell Power Supply
    • 4.3 inch touchscreen
    • Creality "CARBOLOY" Coated Glass bed included
    • 3D Prints PLA, PETG
    • The CR-X offers a SD card reader and USB connectivity
    • Compatible with Simplify3d, Cura and PrusaSlicer software.
      • Profiles included**
    • All tools needed for assembly are included
    • Some assembly required but it is simple and suitable for "Newbies"
    • Start printing in an hour! Cables have been simplified to 1 large cable

    **S3D included / working on Prusa Slicer


    • Maximum temperatures: NOZZLE ≥250°C BED 100°C
    • 0.4 mm nozzle (0.6mm available as well)
    • Layer Height 0.15mm - 0.3mm
    • Voltage Input 110 or 220V AC (NO NEED TO SWITCH)
    • Voltage Output 24V 15A 480W (MEANWELL RSP-500-24)
    • Creality 2.2 Motherboard with Atmega 2560 CPU, TMC2208 Stepper Drivers

    Note:  This 3D Printer is mostly assembled, no soldering required. You will just need to connect the upper and lower frame together and plug in some connections. 

    Weight and Size


    Product weight 12 kg

    Package weight 15 kg

    Package size: 64x54x34cm (21.26x25.2x12.2 inches)

    Machine size: 55x40x65cm (21.65x15.75x25.6 inches)



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