*PREORDER Vivedino Troodon Core XY 3D Printer

Print Size: 300*300*400


Purchase the upgraded and fully tested Vivedino Troodon Core XY 3D Printer from Tiny Machines 3D for easy assembly/use, quality control guaranteed, and free shipping. Additional hotend and extruder upgrades for the Vivedino Troodon are available. 

We are expecting Troodons to arrive in 2-3 weeks if not sooner (8/5/2022), they are in the US in transit to our facility. We are opening preorders. We will have a limited quantity of machines available.

When in stock - lead time is up to 4 weeks. Contact us for more information. 

TM3D Upgrades

Our Full Service Package includes:

  • Direct Drive Extruder Inspection
    • Disassembly
    • PTFE length checked
    • Upgraded Mounting Bracket added (if applicable)
  • ​Full QC / damaged part replacement
  • Other Improvements
    • Filament Guide Path
    • Cable Chain Guides added
    • Improved Software Package
      • RRF3.0 - DWC - Custom Macros
  • Easier unboxing experience and insured shipping to you from Houston, TX
  • Hotend upgrades (optional) can be installed without extra labor costs


    • Core XY Motion System
      • Inspired by Voron design            
    • 300*300*400mm/400*400*500mm Build Size
    • 32 Bit Controller with TMC2660 Driver
    • Linear Guide Rails & Gates Belts
    • Dual Gear Extruder
    • Filament Runout Sensor
    • Power Loss Recovery       
    • Magnetic Flexible PEI Sheet
    • Auto Bed & Gantry Leveling
    • Control Wireless through web based portal 
      • WIFI ready
    • KEENOVO Heating Pad with Solid State Relay Control
    • 4.3" Touch Screen      
    • HEPA Air Filtration                                   
    • RGB Status Indicator Light
    • Genuine Meanwell Power Supply

    Troodon comes fully assembled, easy to use and is a good choice for beginners. 


    Full Service Package Your Troodon will ship to our facility in Houston, TX where we will perform upgrades and our QC process. TM3D Support and shipping costs are also included in this package. 

    Factory Direct / Dropship Your Troodon will ship directly to you from the factory's warehouse. We will act as mediator to the factory concerning your issues. Other support inquiries will be directed to service@formbot3d.com

    This machine can only ship to a contiguous USA address. Orders with address outside of the contiguous USA will be cancelled unless you contact us first. 

    When Tiny Machines 3D is unable to fulfill warranty parts replacement, parts will ship from the Factory.

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