Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini 250MM Pre-assembled CoreXY 3D Printer with Klipper Firmware - Drop Ship

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Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini 250 x 250 x 230 CoreXY 3D Printer With Klipper & Stealthburner CW2 & TAP Installed: The Easy-to-Build 3D Printer Inspired by Voron Design! With 95% pre-assembly, Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini saves you time and labor without compromising quality. Voron-inspired design delivers precision and reliability, making printing a joy. Order the Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini from Tiny Machines 3D today to experience Klipper and your very own Voron inspired (V2.4 R2) 3D Printer without the fuss.

This product is currently factory direct only and is shipping from Formbot/Vivedino via a USA or China Warehouse. Support and warranty inquiries will be facilitated by one of our technicians and fulfilled by the factory. 


    If there is an upgrade you would like for the Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini that isn’t listed, or is out of stock, we’d love to go over options / possible upgrade paths with you. Please email us with your order number. 

    Need more information about the Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini? Email us at, and we would be happy to talk with you.

    Support / Warranty


    When you purchase a Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini 3D printer, it comes with a 1-year factory warranty. This warranty covers any defective components that may be found in the printer. However, the warranty is limited to non-consumable parts only. Consumable parts, such as nozzles, build plates, magnets, belts, and other motion-related and electrical components that are expected to wear out with use, are not covered by the warranty.

    Normal wear and tear is not considered a defect. Therefore, any damage caused by regular use of the printer will not be covered by the warranty. However, if a factory defect is found, we will facilitate the shipment of a replacement component to ensure that your printer is functioning properly.


    Each machine purchase will come with 1 hour of scheduled remote support. Additional support time can be purchased. 


    Troodon 2.0 Pro Mini User Manual From Factory

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