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More Variety in Printable Filaments

The Sprite Extruder Pro Upgrade Kit allows for higher temp filaments as well as flexible materials. 

Small Footprint, Big Results

Measuring 54 x 50 x 64.3 mm with a weight of 288 g, the Sprite Extruder Pro is a perfect combination of extruder and hotend that offers practicality and compactness.

High torque & extrusion force up to 80N

Using a gear ratio of 3.5:1, which perfectly matches the motor, an extrusion force of up to 80N is possible (depending on the filament) along with more precise control of the filament in retraction.

Adjustable lever tension

The Sprite Extruder Pro's tensioner allows adjustment to the pressure exerted by the drive gears onto the filament.

All-metal hotend for higher temp filaments

The Sprite Extruder Pro's titanium heatbreak allows you to print filament up to 300 °C. The aluminum-alloy heat block, with quicker heat up times, allows filament to melt quickly. The titanium heatbreak features low thermal conductivity and high thermal strength.

Efficient heat dissipation

Dual Fan design results in better heat dissipation, allowing for more stable model formation.



Product size

54 x 50 x 64.3mm



Nominal voltage


Rated current


Extruder Type

Dual Drive Gear

Gear ratio


Max extrusion force


Retraction distance

3mm max


High-temperature hot end ( ≤ 300 °C)

Filament diameter



There are 3 varieties of kits listed below. Highlighted version is what is included with this listing.

  1. Standard - >260° C with stainless steel heat break (PTFE lined) and 0.4mm brass nozzle. 
  2. High Temperature >300° C w/ titanium heat break (all metal) and 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle. 
  3. High Temperature Pro >300° C w/ bimetal (titanium, copper) heat break (all metal) and 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle. 

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