Portable Input Shaper RP2040 ADXL345

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The Fysetc Portable Input Shaper is a device that combines the RP2040 chip with the ADXL345 to make it easier to install and run input shaper on your Klipper equipped device. It uses USB-C wiring to connect to the USB port on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Based on popular RP2040 chip
  • The Fysetc Portable Input Shaper is designed to be portable and can be used on multiple 3D printers that use Klipper firmware with the same configuration file. This saves you time and effort.
  • The Fysetc Portable Input Shaper has a small size and is easy to dock onto various print heads, such as AfterBurner or StealthBurner, designed with different holes and essential fasteners to make installation on print heads simple.
  • USB-C port (cable not included)


Github Repository

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