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Diameter: 1.75mm
Net Weight: 0.6kg
Color: Wood (HEX Code - #D2A273)
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PolyWood™ is a wood mimic filament without actual wood powder, which removes all risks of nozzle clogs. PolyWood™ is made entirely with PLA using a special foaming technology. It exhibits similar density and appearance as wood.

Check how our partner at PrintedSolid found a way to polish PolyWood™ with outstanding results: Link

Printing Temperature: 190?C - 210?C
Bed Temperature: 30?C - 50?C
Printing Speed: 25mm/s - 60mm/s
Fan: ON

Direct Drive:
Retraction Distance: 3mm
Retraction Speed: 40mm/s
Indirect Drive:
Retraction Distance: 6mm
Retraction Speed: 60mm/s

Drying Settings: 55?C for 6h
(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

Yes and here is a great step by step tutorial on making PolyWood™ print look like actual wood from Core Electronics using wood stain: Link

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