NAK3D LDO Stepper Motor and Mount Upgrade Kit For Creality CR-30



The NAK3D LDO stepper motor and mount upgrade kit for the Creality CR-30 printer will make your machine more durable and your prints sharper!


  • Made from super-tough machined and anodized aluminum
  • Adds additional support to the long stepper shaft to prevent warping and breaking
  • Print in finer detail with 0.9-degree motors (compared to 1.8-degree stock motors)
  • Stay frosty! Your motors will run more than 20°C cooler than stock
  • Installation takes 15 minutes, with all mounting hardware included and no firmware updates required
    • X Y Steps/mm must be changed to 160
  • Included in our CR-30 "Super" package


 LDO LDO-42STH48-2004MAC Motor Specs

 NAK3D Designs Install Guide

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