Silicone Sock

Tiny Machines 3DSKU: TM-SOCK-MK8-SM
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Type: MK7/8/9
Sale price$2.75


Silicone socks for your CR-10 or other MK7/8/9/10 or E3D V6 heater blocks. 

Note: Price is for 1 sock

  • KEEPS PRINT HEAD CLEAN OF DEBRIS: Since silcone is non-stick, your print head will remain clean and it prevents filament from sticking to the heater block or nozzle.

  • HEAT INSULATOR: The sock also acts as an insulator for the print head. It will reduce heat up time and help maintain a constant temperature during printing.

Choose between 2 types!

  • MK7/8/9 fit the Creality and Micro Swiss heater blocks tightly

  • MK10 fit the perimeter of the MK8 heater block a little tighter but are taller than the 7/8/9 version
  • E3D V6 cover the nozzle for full protection and fit genuine and clone heater blocks


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