Klipper Expander Board

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The Klipper Expander is a user-friendly MCU board designed for use with Klipper 3D printer firmware. It features an STM32F042F6P6 MCU with an internal oscillator, a SWD header for easy debugging, 4 3A Mosfet outputs, 2 thermistor inputs, 1 level shifted Neopixel output, 1 GPIO header, and an I2C header with pullup resistors.

*Featured in our Troodon 2.0 with Stealthburner and Klipper


  • STM32F042F6P6 MCU with internal oscilator

  • SWD header for easy debugging

  • 4 3A Mosfet outputs

  • 2 Thermistor inputs

  • 1 Level Shifted Neopixel output

  • 1 GPIO header

  • I2C Header with Pullup Resistors


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