BIGTREETECH EBB 36 V1.2 CAN bus with MAX31865

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Looking to streamline your 3D printer's tool head without all the fuss and extra weight? Look no further than BTT's EBB42 CAN Bus Expansion Board! With this bad boy on printhead, you'll get an on-board TMC2209 extruder motor driver and cut down on pesky wires. Efficiency never looked so good! 


  • With BOOT and RESET buttons reserved, users can update the firmware via DFU mode by USB.

  • Added protection circuit on the thermistor avoids burning the main control chip caused by leakage current from the heating rod.

  • Users can select the thermistor's pull-up resistor values through a jumper wire for PT1000 support (2.2K pull-up resistors), which makes it convenient for DIY.

  • Connect the USB with a jumper cap to get it powered on, which effectively isolates the main control board DC-DC from USB 5V.

  • Reserved I2C interface allows for filament broke and clogged detection, and supports other DIY functions.

  • Added anti-flyback diodes on the heating rod and fans' ports effectively protect the MOS tube from being burned due to reverse voltage.

  • Anti-reverse connection protection on the power interface prevents users from burning the motherboard when mistakenly connecting the reverse power line during DIY.

  • Onboard MAX31865 supports selecting 2-wire or 4-wire of PT100/ PT1000.

  • Supports communication via CAN or USB. The terminal resistor 120R of CAN can be selected through the jumper cap, and it reserves CAN expansion interfaces.

  • Equipped ESD protection chip on the USB port prevents the main control board from being broken down by the static electricity of the USB port.

  •  The adaptor board is equipped with terminals, female reeds, double-way studs and screws, which are required for DIY, greatly meeting the DIY needs of customers.


  • MCU: ARM Cortex-M0+ STM32G0B1CBT6 64MHz with FDCAN bus
  • Stepper Driver: Onboard TMC2209 in UART mode, UART address: 00, Rsense: 0.11R
  • Onboard Accelerometer Sensor: ADXL345
  • Onboard Temperature IC: Max31865 Select 2 / 4 lines PT100 / PT1000 by DIP switch (no Max31865 version have not this feature)
  • Input Voltage: DC12V-DC24V 6A
  • Logic Voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Heating Interface: HotEnd (E0), maximum output current: 5A
  • Fan Interfaces: two CNC fans (FAN0, FAN1)
  • Maximum Output Current of Fan Interface: 1A, Peak Value 1.5A
  • Expansion Interfaces: EndStop, I2C, Probe, RGB, PT100/PT1000, USB interface, CAN Interface
  • Temperature Sensor Interface Optional: 1 Channel 100K NTC or PT1000(TH0), 1 Channel PT100/PT1000
  • USB Communication Interface: USB-Type-C
  • DC 5V Maximum Output Current: 1A


Change from V.1.1 to V1.2 - HE0 (nozzle heater) is changed from PA2 to PB13

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