E3D Thermistor Cartridge

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Thermistor cartridge 

Cartridge type thermistors use a Semitec 104NT thermistor, potted in a cylindrical stainless steel cartridge with a high-conductivity ceramic-based adhesive.

The legs are insulated with fiberglass sleeving and terminated with a Molex Microfit 3.0 connector.

This makes it easy to disconnect your entire hot end without the need for rewiring, especially when paired with E3D's high precision heater cartridges.


Key features: 

- Max temperature rating: 285°C

- Cartridge diameter: 3mm 

- Cartridge length: 15mm 

- Cable length: 50mm

- Cable color: Blue

- Connector type: Molex Microfit 3.0


Kit includes: 

- 1 x thermistor cartridge 

- 1 x thermistor extension cable (length: 1m)

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