Bondtech® DDX v2 Adapter Set for Creality CR-10 V2/V3



For use with DDX v2 only!

To use with:

  • Creality CR-10 V2
  • Creality CR-10 V3

Included in this product

  • 1x 10079-71 DDX 5015 Fan Holder
  • 1x 10079-72 DDX 5015 Fan Shroud
  • 1x 10079-65 DDX Mount Plate for CR-10 v2
  • 1x 10079-45 DDX Bowden Mount
  • 1x 10079-80 DDX Z-Sensor Plate for CR-10 v2
  • 5x M3 Square Nut
  • 2x M3x25 Screw
  • 1x M3x20 Screw
  • 2x M3x8 Screw
  • 1x M3x12 Screw

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