Creality Dual Extruder Silent Motherboard (Atmega V2.2/2.2.1) Ender 5 Plus CR-X PRO

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Heatsink is installed on 5th stepper driver.

Factory replacement Motherboard for Creality CR-X. Ready for Firmware! Will also for work for other machines. See below.

Pictures do not reflect the latest version

  • Factory Replacement Board for the Creality CR-X
    • Upgraded 220uF C4 Cap
      • Fixes temperature issues
    • 2208 TMC Drivers
      • Better holding torque and relatively quiet!
  • Can be used to run a second extruder motor or second Z motor!
    • Compatible with CR-10S Filament Sensor and Auto Leveling
      • Check out our BL Touch Kits! 
      • Compatible with single, dual or 3 port Creality LCDs

      Looking for the Melzi board found in the CR-10 and the Ender 3? Click Here. 

      Looking for a Single Extruder Version of this board to save $$? Click Here. 

      Direct Replacement for:

      • Creality 3D Printers
        • CRX/ CRX PRO

        • TM3D ENDER 5 Plus (With firmware update)

      Upgrade for:

      • Creality 3D Printers
        • CR-10/ CR-10S/ CR-10S 400, 500

        • Older S4, S5 with Melzi board

        • CR-20

        • Ender 3

        • Ender 5/ Ender 5 Pro

        • Ender 5 Plus to work with Dual Z

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