Creality Direct Replacement Thermistor



This stock replacement thermistor for Creality machines (see note about Ender 3/10S PRO below) will also work on many other 3D printers. The nozzle and bed both use the same thermistor. 

  • 100K thermistor
  • 1m of wire length
  • Maximum suggested temperature: 285C

Please note as this thermistor does not have the white JST connector, it will not directly connect to the motherboard for the Ender 3/PRO or the 10S PRO. If you are splicing in a new thermistor, these will be appropriate on that machine. If you'd like a new thermistor for the Ender 3/PRO with the JST connector attached, they are available here. CR10S Pro thermistors are currently unavailable, but may be listed soon. 

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