CR-30 SUPER Belt 3D Printer

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Purchase the upgraded and fully tested Creality CR-30 3DPrintMill 3D Printer from Tiny Machines 3D for easy assembly/use, quality control guaranteed, and free shipping. Additionally, stepper motor, linear rails, hotend, extruder upgrades for the CR30 Infinite Z machine are available. 

What sets Tiny Machines 3D apart?

Each CR-30 SUPER machine is thoroughly inspected and the following updates are made:

  • Custom Tiny Machines 3D firmware
    • Y Babystepping/ Y Offset and countless other improvements are currently in development.  
  • NAK3D/LDO Motor/ Motor Mount Upgrade Installed
  • Linear Rails Installed on X / Y
    • Custom LDO Linear Rails
    • Custom TM3D PA12 SLS Nylon Brackets
    • To purchase this separately, please contact us
  • Electronics Quality Validation
    • All screw terminal connections have crimped ferrules added
    • Wiring cleaned up and secured


Infinite Z-axis: The CR-30’s rolling conveyor belt allows it to print continuously, increasing productivity, saving user interaction time, and making your prints more cost-efficient. 

CoreXY motion system: The CoreXY system’s sturdy triangular structure provides exceptional stability

Nylon conveyor belt: The nylon conveyor belt provides outstanding adhesion and hassle/ hands-free print removal. Models simply roll off the edge of the belt when complete! A removable extension bracket is available to prevent longer models from falling over the edge during printing. Some printable versions are available and the belt is wear-resistant and durable, but should you need to replace it, the process is easy and intuitive.

45-degree printing angle: The hot-end is at a 45° angle. This allows complicated geometry to be printed without supports but nozzle choices are currently limited. 

Filament runout sensor: The smart sensor suspends printing in the event your filament breaks or runs out. Printing can resume after new filament is fed in.

Ultra Silent Motherboard: TMC Stepper Drivers allow for quieter, accurate operation

200*170*∞ mm build volume: To better imagine the the cooridinate system of this machine when coming from a conventional FDM machine, picture the belt running vertically (Z) then the XY kinematics are CoreXY with left to right (X) and front to back at a 45° angle (Y)




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