Cable Extensions for Creality CR Machines

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No soldering, cutting, or crimping needed. Just plug the new cables into the old ones and reconnect to all the components. New cables are labeled like the originals

These extension cables are perfect if you're wanting to relocate your control box outside of an enclosure or anywhere basically 1m away from the original location. 

The MINI can be extended on all cables except the bed. That is a 6 pin MOLEX and not currently supported.**Will not work for the old style CR-10 MINI hot bed connections.

The cable extensions DO NOT plug into the motherboard. They lengthen the cables by plugging into the existing connectors outside of the control box.

Package Includes:

1 meter of extension for all cables on the CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10-S4 and CR-10-S5.

Does not have an extension for the BL Touch/CR Touch

NOTE: **S4 and S5 users! Your machine possibly has a different Y stepper motor than the CR-10 and CR-10S. This kit will work but you may have to swap the center wires at the Y stepper motor end. We have no way to tell which stepper you have. So, if it is wrong, it will vibrate and not move the Y axis. Swap the center 2 wires to be right again. If you need help with this, feel free to contact us. In addition to this, if any of your steppers are vibrating and not moving their respective axis, the same process is needed to be correct.  Creality has changed stepper motors a few times over the life of the CR-10 but it is a simple fix if the cable/motor is the wrong combination. 

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