BIQU Hermit Crab (Basic with 1 Tool Board)



High compatibility with multiple ports and mounting holes

The Hermit Crab hotend and tool changing system simplifies assembly and use of multiple tool heads on your 3D printer with a linear or V-slot rail.

The basic version of the Hermit Crab requires that all cable connections be reconnected to the motherboard and is supplied with 1 tool plate. The basic Hermit Crab works with any firmware.

With different mounting hole patterns and connections on the face of the tool changer, various extruders, like the E3D Hemera**, Bondtech DDX**, LDO Orbiter**, and Bowden style hotends can be attached. Includes interfaces for extra functions, like filament sensors, levelling sensors, stepper motors, and fans.

**extra components or printed parts may be required

In addition to printheads, various other tools can also be mounted. This way, your printer can be a laser engraver/cutter, pen plotter, as well as other useful devices easily.

Components Supported:

  • 1 x Stepper motor
  • 1 x Filament sensor
  • 1 x Heater 
  • 1 x Thermistor
  • 2 x Fans
  • 1 x 5 pin connector designated for BLTouch

Quick tool change for efficient work

Changing tools only requires a single movement. 

The fixed plate of the Hermit Crab remains connected to the rails then the tool plate with the printhead/ tool mounted simply attaches and stays fixed with a spring clip.

Better print quality

The tool change system makes smoother motion and higher precision and printing performance possible on your machine. Further gains can be made with a MGN12 Linear Rails System


The hotend and tool change system consists of a durable 6061 aluminum alloy and guarantees long-lasting quality.


  • Hermit Crab Fixed Plate 
  • 1 x tool plate
  • Cable
  • Required tools
  • User Guide

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