Belt Tensioners for Creality 3D Printers

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Version: Y Axis (Ender 3 Pro)
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Long awaited and requested Belt Tensioners for Creality and Ender Series 3D Printers are a great way to make your machine more accurate and prolong belt life. 

Selection Guide

Read the list below carefully and compare to the pictures before ordering. You can also measure your Y axis to confirm. We've tried to make this as easy to configure as possible. There are 4 different kits; 1 X Axis kit and 3 different Y Axis kits. If you're not sure about which to order, contact us. 

  • X Axis (All) fits:

    • All Ender 2, 3, 5 Series and all CR-10/CR-10S Sizes

    • CR-10S Pro, CR-10S Pro V2, CR-X, CR-X Pro, CR-10 Max

  • Y Axis (Ender 3) fits:

    • Ender 2, 3 and CR-20 (Not Pro versions) CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW as it limits Y travel. 

  • Y Axis (Ender 3 Pro) fits:

    • Ender 3 Pro, CR-20 Pro

  • Y Axis (CR-10) fits:

    • CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10 V2/ V3/ PLUS, Sovol SV01

    • DOES NOT FIT: CR-10S 400/ 500, CR-10S Pro/V2, CR-10 Max

      • It may be possible to fit this on early versions of the S4 and S5 with 2 piece front idler assembly. Contact us for more information. 

These may fit machines not listed. Our list is confirmed but you can contact us for other applications. Look at the images to verify dimensions.

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