3D Printer and Electronics Repair

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This listing is here to allow users to initiate the repair process automatically by submitting required documents, entering contact information, and paying any deposits (which will go towards the final invoice)

What can be repaired

We can:

  • Repair most make / model consumer level 3D printers
    • Please contact us before bringing/ shipping a machine in
  • Repair most motherboards with damaged USB or damaged SD Card slots
  • Install upgrades during a machine repair!
    • Add the upgrades/ replacement parts to your cart. Contact us for more information.

How it works

Our labor charge is $50/ hr.  Labor time includes unboxing, cleaning, and all repairs or upgrades. 3D printers should be packed in the original shipping carton to save from damage. 

  1. Pay a deposit
  2. Fill out our Repair Intake Form
    2b. Start a ticket using your order number and attach the filled intake form.
  3. Wait for a response / repair ID
  4. If needed, ask for a shipping label (charges can be added to your invoice)


Electronics repairs may incur cosmetic damage. Parts and labor warranty term is 30 days, starting on pickup/ receipt date. This warranty excludes damage resulting from abuse, liquid damage, accident, modifications and unauthorized repairs or other causes that are not defects in workmanship. All repair orders are subject to our terms and conditions effective on the date the repair order inquiry is made or received, which ever comes first.

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