Supplemental info for CR-10-S4 and CR-10-S5:

Besides the build volume increase there are only a few differences between the CR-10 and CR-10-S4. Since the bed is larger, it has 2 supports underneath and 2 roller carriages. The S5 is larger and has dual Z motors, but besides that the assembly process is the same.

The adjustments to tighten the rollers are on the outsides of each rail. Flip the frame over (print surface down) and adjust. Do one side at a time until there is light drag on each wheel just like on the CR-10.



 Next, you will have 1 of 2 belt idlers on the front of the machine.


CR-10-S4 belt tensioner

CR-10-S4 belt tensioner

 To tension the belt, loosen the 4 bolts (2 on each side) and pry the bracket assembly away from the print bed, just like in the CR-10 assembly video. 

Tiny Machines has added some spring isolators to the S4! These keep tension on the springs when the bed is raised for leveling and isolate the metal spring from the PCB bed which has been an issue on other printer models. 


Special notes for the CR-10-S5:

Below you will see the routing of the dual Z cable. Make sure it runs under the 2 center aluminum extrusions.

 Not also that the cables for the Y Stepper and end switch are out of the way.

Below you can see the X gantry is at max height. Please note the routing of the X and Extruder stepper motor cables. Make sure they are free and not underneath the other cables.


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