*PREORDER - Troodon 2.0 CoreXY 3D Printer With Klipper & Stealthburner CW2 Installed

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\Troodon 2.0 CoreXY 3D Printer With Klipper & Stealthburner CW2 Installed: The Easy-to-Build 3D Printer Inspired by Voron Design! With 95% pre-assembly, Troodon 2.0 saves you time and labor without compromising quality. Voron-inspired design delivers precision and reliability, making printing a joy. Order the Troodon 2.0 from Tiny Machines 3D today to experience Klipper and your very own Voron inspired (V2.4 R2) 3D Printer without the fuss.

This is a Pre-order item. Once machines arrive at our facility, order lead time is estimated 4-5 weeks.


  • Now with Klipper Pre-installed!
    • See the Klipper / Full Service drop down for more information
  • Large print size: 350x350x330mm
  • Motion Limits (speed | acceleration): <400mm/s | 25,000mm/s²
    • Print Speeds are limited by maximum flowrate of hotend
  • All Metal Hotend: Max Temp 300°C
    • Upgraded to Stealthburner + Clockwork 2 (as of 5/13/23) 
      • Print head LEDS not available at this time
    • OEM components are Afterburner + Clockwork 1 with V6 type hotend.
    • Heater / Thermistor upgrades available for >250°C
    • Supports printing engineering grade materials
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
    • Wear resistant hardened steel nozzle, upgrades available
  • ABL with Omron inductive sensor
  • Quickly replaceable modular hotend
  • (Babystepping) Auto Z and Auto Nozzle wiping
  • Cast Aluminum plate
  • Double-sided, Magnetic PEI Textured/Smooth sheet
    • Easy to adhere to the printing surface, easy to remove the prints, flex slightly to pop your print right off.
  • Moons' Motors
  • Hardened Steel Extruder Gears and Nozzle
    • Drive Gear replaced with Bondtech Integrated Drive Gear Assembly
  • Gates Belts
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • BigTreeTech customized board based on Octopus
  • Stainless steel linear rails
  • Hard-wearing cables
    • Replaced at our facility with upgraded set
  • Heat-resistant PC Panels
  • WIFI + Ethernet Connectivity 
  • Air Filter, Fan
    • Chamber Temperature Monitoring
  • Filament Runout sensor
    • Custom Fixed Mounting
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Mechanical assembly 30min - 1 hr
    • Assembly of frame, gantry
  • Enclosure assembly 1.5 hr - 2.5 hr
    • Application of foam trim sealer to panels

Klipper / Full Service

Each machine is unboxed, assembled (frame + gantry), upgraded, then tested. After QC is verified, everything is boxed back up carefully and shipped by FedEx Home Delivery / Ground with insurance and signature confirmation. If you have another preference, contact us. 

International shipping (Canada, Mexico) will be available at a later date.

Once in stock estimated lead time is 4-5 weeks

Customizations outside of what is offered on this page may increase this lead time.

Testing is underway with the BIGTREETECH Pad 7 and so far, we are very pleased with it. As of 5/13/23, this is the device we will be using for Klipper. 

List of QC processes included on our Klipper / Full Service machines

  • Assembly and Testing
    • Mechanical and electronic components inspected and tested
    • Printhead disassembled and inspected
      • Wiring inspected
      • Extruder Gears inspected and upgraded to Bondtech IDGA, as well as updated bearings
    • Selected Upgrades installed
      • This includes, but not limited to, hotends, extruders, printheads, and many other Voron upgrades (Stealthburner, CAN bus, Umbilical, TAP, etc)
  • Steps to save you time
    • Parts list checked 
    • Z belt lengths set and end clamps installed
  • Careful repacking and Insured Shipping

Added components / features on our Klipper / Full Service machines

Standard upgrades are included in every machine; Optional upgrades are manually selected from the options list. 

  • TM3D Klipper Box with Touch Screen (standard)
    • Fully configured and integrated to the Troodon 2.0
      • Extensive list of configs included and ready to use
    • Expandable
    • Fast processing 
    • Ready to run
  • Klipper Expander installed and configured (optional)
    • Chamber Thermistor 
    • Neopixel support 
    • Controllable Fan support through 4 available mosfets. 
    • Based on original design from Timmit99
  • Portable Input Shaper installed and configured (standard)
    • Mounted to printhead, USB C cable included
  • Angry Cam (optional)
    • Webcam installed and configured
    • Based on original design by chri-kai-in
  • Steel Heat Sink for Solid State Relay installed (standard)
  • Additional 6020 cooling fan installed (standard)
  • Filament Sensor Mount assembled and included (standard)
    • Remote Adapter + extra PTFE tubing for larger spools or dryer included

Customizations and Upgrades Menu

The Troodon 2.0 is based on the Voron V2.4 R2 and has many upgrades available for your specific needs.

Desired Hot End

Stock Hot End - Standard V6 style hot end with 40W heater and PT1000 thermistor. It uses RepRap/V6 style nozzles which we have available from Micro Swiss, Bondtech, and E3D.

E3D Rapidchange Revo Six - E3D’s latest offering combines the heatbreak and the nozzle into a single unit - can be changed by hand (when cooled down), as well as the heater and thermistor into a HeaterCore. Ease of access, maintenance and just plain cool! Nozzles available in Brass and ObXidian and High Flow (NOW AVAILABLE).

Phaetus Rapido HF - The HF stands for High Flow! The Rapido HF is designed for faster heating of materials with its built-in ceramic heater, and slender heatbreak offers heat-creep and clog resistance. 

Hot End Options

The stock hot end is compatible with the standard cartridge style heater and cartridge style thermistor. As the stock heater is 40W, we are offering a 50W Heater for improved heating. 

In addition, we have two products that would upgrade the stock thermistor.

High Temperature 300C from Slice  - optimum accuracy range 200-250C

RTD PT1000 - higher quality component than stock, optimum accuracy range 250-300C

As the Revo Six and Phaetus Rapido HF have integrated heater and thermistor components, spare components are coming from the manufacturer. Revo HeaterCores are available, other Phaetus Rapido components will soon be available.


Stock Hot End/Phaetus Rapido HF - use RepRap/V6 style nozzles which we have available from Micro Swiss, Bondtech, and E3D.

Revo Six - uses Revo Nozzles available in Brass and abrasive resistant ObXidian

V6/RepRap Nozzles

Micro Swiss -  Wear Resistant, A2 and M2 - which are arranged in order of hardness/abrasive resistance. 

Bondtech - the CHT line which is designed for higher flow,  is available in Coated Brass and Abrasive Resistant Bi-Metal

E3D - Brass and Nozzle X - arranged in order of hardness/abrasive resistance. 

Klipper Upgrades

Klipper Expander Board with Chamber Thermistor – The Expander board adds additional IO to your Troodon 2.0, allowing for more components to be added. Our installation of the Klipper Expander board includes a chamber thermistor which can be used to monitor and help regulate the temperature inside the enclosure with the filter fan. Based on original design from Timmit99.

Neopixel Status Ring - (Klipper Expander Board required) Use multi-colored LEDS to decorate your printer and report statuses, such as heating, cooling or others.

Webcam using Angry Cam USB - Monitor your prints with this low-footprint webcam setup. Based on original design by chri-kai-in.

Customization Request Box

If there is an upgrade you would like for the Troodon 2.0 that isn’t listed, or is out of stock, we’re happy to go over options after purchasing the machine. Please write in the text box when placing your order and send us an email with your order number. 

Need more information about the Troodon 2.0? Send us an email at support@tinymachines3d.com and we would be happy to talk with you.

Support / Warranty


When you purchase a Troodon 2.0 printer, it comes with a 1-year factory warranty. This warranty covers any defective components that may be found in the printer. However, the warranty is limited to non-consumable parts only. Consumable parts, such as nozzles, build plates, magnets, belts, and other motion-related and electrical components that are expected to wear out with use, are not covered by the warranty.

Normal wear and tear is not considered a defect. Therefore, any damage caused by regular use of the printer will not be covered by the warranty. However, if a factory defect is found, we will facilitate the shipment of a replacement component to ensure that your printer is functioning properly.


Each machine purchase will come with 1 hour of scheduled remote support. Additional support time can be purchased. 

Factory Description


With the Formbot Troodon 2.0, you don't have to fuss with manually adjusting your build plate. Thanks to the integrated Omron inductive sensor, you can skip that step entirely! This nifty bed leveling sensor takes four reference points of the bed, ensuring your print is perfectly aligned every time. It's like having a personal print assistant that does all the heavy lifting for you.


With the Formbot Troodon 2.0's Quickly Replaceable Modular Hot End, you can swiftly and easily swap out your hot-end to accommodate different nozzle sizes or switch to a hotend specifically designed for certain materials, without any hassle. This allows you to save time and improve your printing efficiency.


With the babystepping feature of Formbot Troodon 2.0, you can make precise adjustments to the Z height while your prints are in progress. Additionally, the printer heads have convenient trays to catch any oozing material, and wire brushes to clean the nozzles after each use, even when babystepping is not in use.


With stepper motors from MOONS, the Formbot Troodon 2.0 is able to deliver precise and silent printing, ensuring a smoother and more accurate end result by minimizing vibrations.


The extrusion wheel and nozzle of the Formbot Troodon 2.0 are built to last, ensuring practical and economic benefits. You'll save both time and money by avoiding constant nozzle changes and replacement costs when printing with abrasive filaments. Plus, being ready for new filament types means you'll never run out of creative ideas for your 3D printer.

With its hardened tool steel construction, the nozzle offers superior abrasion, heat, and corrosion resistance, making it perfect for printing with high-temperature materials like carbon fiber, metal fill, and PC. You can expect excellent durability and performance from this top-of-the-line nozzle, allowing you to create high-quality prints that meet your exact specifications.


Installation is a breeze with the Formbot Troodon 2.0's double-sided PEI sheets. This two-part sheet comes with a magnetic bottom featuring adhesive on the back and an interlocking top piece with a textured surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other. Simply stick the bottom part onto your heated bed and place the PEI sheet with the textured surface on top.

Adhesion is no problem with the Formbot Troodon 2.0's double-sided PEI sheets. Models stick well without the need for any glue or adhesive at heated bed temperatures of around 60C. With this bed temperature, you won't have to worry about your prints curling up.

Our plates are versatile and perfect for a wide range of applications. With a unique combination of spring steel and polyethylene injection molded (PEI), our plates outperform others in the market, ensuring a seamless printing process. They can withstand temperatures of up to 120C, which is perfect for printing plastics like PLA, PETG, and ABS.

Removing prints from the Formbot Troodon 2.0's double-sided PEI sheets is just as easy as adhering them. Once the heated bed cools down to room temperature, the sheet will lose its stickiness. If your model is still attached after this happens, simply remove one sheet of magnetic material from under the other and give your print a slight bend, allowing gravity to do the rest.


Troodon 2.0 User Manual From Factory

Specifications (*TM3D edited)
Manufacturer Formbot (*Vivedino)
Brand Formbot (*Vivedino)
Product Model Troodon 2.0
Printing Technology FDM, FFF
Build size 350x350x330mm
Print speed | Acceleration 400mm/s | 25,000mm/s²
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle temp. *Max 300C
Bed Temp. Max 120C
Layer thickness *0.08-0.28mm
Body structure Fully-enclosed metal frame
Power Supply 200W
Input Voltage 110V/220V

Connection method (Klipper)

SD card/USB/Wifi or Ethernet

Slicer software Cura, S3D, OrcaSlicer
Machine size 600x680x610mm
Package size 640x640x460mm
Machine weight 28 kg
Package weight 30 kg
Warranty Period 1 Year 

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