PITFT43 V2.0 DSI Display for Raspberry Pi

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Introducing the BIGTREETECH PI TFT 43 V2.0 - a 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display designed for Raspberry Pi. With an 800x480 resolution, adjustable brightness, and Klipper Screen compatibility, it's the perfect addition to your project.


  • The BTT PI TFT 43 V2.0 is a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen display designed for Raspberry Pi, with a resolution of 800x480 and a display area of 95.0x53.85mm.
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi DSI display interface and features a capacitive touch panel that supports 5-point touch. It can be directly driven by DSI.
  • Unique hole design on the back for direct installation of Raspberry Pi, and uses the Raspberry Pi power supply design, eliminating the need for an external power supply.
  • Easily adjust the backlight brightness of the PI TFT43 V2.0 display using the hardware adjustment feature. Simply rotate the potentiometer located behind the screen to achieve your desired brightness level.

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