ADXL345 Accelerometer Board for 36mm Stepper Motors

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ADXL345 V1.0 is a three-axis accelerometer board made by the 3D printing team of Biqu (BIGTREETECH) for 36mm stepper motor extruders. It can be connected to a Raspberry Pi or motherboard through the ZH1.5 6Pin socket and included cable.



  • The ADXL345 V1.0 cable has a ZH1.5 6Pin plug on one end and a 2.54mm 6*1Pin DuPont head on the other, making it compatible with motherboards without an ADXL345 socket. The 70cm cable length makes it easy for users to DIY.
  • Easily installed on the 36-stepper motor, making it convenient to secure in place.
  • Direct power connection to the main board's 5V power supply directly through SPI communication.
  • The ADXL345 is a 3-axis accelerometer that can measure dynamic accelerations caused by motion or shock, as well as stationary acceleration like gravitational acceleration. It has a 13-bit resolution and can measure ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g depending on the optional measurement range. This versatility makes it suitable for use as a tilt sensor.


The wiring in the link shows directly connecting to the Raspberry Pi. 


1. For the ADXL345BCCZ three-axis accelerometer to provide accurate measurements, it must be installed on a stable plane.

2. Please note that the board operates on 5V power, and reversing the connection of 5V and GND will damage the board.

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