This post is relating to new products featured at our store -- heat-set inserts from LDO Motors. In addition to linear rails, motors, and other extruder related parts, LDO has provided us with consistent high quality products to enhance 3D printers and the prints they produce.

Heat-set inserts are metal components used in 3D printing for strong and reliable connections between different parts of a print. They are inserted into a 3D printed part using heat, melting the plastic material surrounding them for a secure bond.

Heat-set inserts provide stronger connections than typical 3D printed joints, making them ideal for functional parts that need to withstand stress or pressure. They also offer a precise and reliable way to create threaded connections, which is difficult to achieve with traditional 3D printing methods. Overall, heat-set inserts are an excellent addition to any 3D printing toolkit.

The heat-set inserts we sell come in three sizes referring to the thread diameter, M3, M4 and M5. In addition to heat-set inserts, we also sell kits that include a tip that can be used on a soldering iron along with a set of heat-set inserts to match.

We use LDO heat-set inserts on our production parts in our Linear Rail kits for Creality Machines.

All Heat-Set Inserts and Kits (Tiny Machines 3D)

Soldering Iron (Amazon)

Stand with Soldering Iron (Amazon)

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