E3D’s new hot end system, the Revo™, is coming soon.  


(Revo Six, courtesy of E3D)

Ease of use and convenience is always a welcome upgrade for a 3D printer user. The Revo™ system from E3D unites the Heat Break and Nozzle, allowing for a quick change or Rapidchange. In addition, the heater and thermistor are united into a HeaterCore interface.

Having the Revo's speedy nozzle change, downtime is minimized when encountering a clog or jam, or want to change the nozzle to a different size. 

We’ll have a variety of options, including upgrades for the Hemera as well as standalone Revo™Six and Revo™ Micro kits available. We are expecting to have these in stock early next year. 

Updates will be posted on our social media, and we will have our product pages available to enter a waitlist for any of the Revo™ items.

E3D Revo/Rapid Change Article  (e3d-online.com)