At Tiny Machines 3D, we make every effort to ship our customers’ printers quickly, but we will never sacrifice safety or reliability. If you’d ordered a CR6-SE from a company that drop-ships printers, you’d be relying on overseas support that could take weeks to address issues potentially involving multiple components from various manufacturers. That’s why expert-level, responsive, domestic support is invaluable - especially when we’re able to identify and resolve issues pre-shipment so you never have to deal with them in the first place. We know delays are frustrating, and we greatly appreciate your patience while we work to ensure you get the quality printer you deserve!

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As shipped from the factory

  • Bed Heater Cable is loose and running across Power Supply wires
  • Wire bundle is running across machined frame but only taped on the exposed side
  • Connections to motherboard are tinned and will likely loosen over time 
  • Motherboard is 4.5.2, which is linked to potential issues 

After TM3D quality control 

  • Wire Bundle is fully taped and secured for stability 
  • Power Switch replaced with a CE/UL compliant component 
  • Bed Heater Cable is secured underneath Power Supply connections
  • Motherboard updated to 4.5.3 (newest version) 
  • Connections to motherboard have tinned section removed and crimp ferrules installed
  • All connections secured and glued for transit
  • Bed Clips have insulation added between metal surfaces (images for reference)