*CLEARANCE TM-FLEX R - Magnetic Print Surface for Resin Printers

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Our TM-Flex R magnetic build plate system is the perfect balance of performance and value. Each kit comes with a custom cut, removable magnetic pad and a spring steel plate. This means you’ll get superior adhesion during printing and significantly smoother print removal once your print is finished. Our flex plate kits also come with custom designed tabs for easier plate installation and removal. Newer versions of the plate do not feature the grid. Superficial surface markings may be present on the surface.

Manufacturers very rarely advertise machines with the build plate size. For example, the Creality LD-002R is advertised at 120x65 but the plate is 138x78! Be sure to measure! Our sizes listed are within 0.2mm of the plate size.

TM-Flex R Size Chart
102x59  Anycubic Photon Zero, Longer Orange 10, Sparkmaker Original

 Phrozen Sonic/ Sonic Mini / Shuffle 2018 2019 / Shuffle Lite / Shuffle 4K / Make, Kudo3D Bean**, Longer Orange 30

130x80  Epax X1 early** / E6, Hieha SQ1
135x75  Elegoo Mars / Mars Pro**, Wanhao D7, Phrozen Sonic 4K/ Sonic Mini 4K, Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA
135x80  Anycubic Photon / S** / Mono / Mono SE, QIDI 3D Shadow 5.5S
138x78  Creality LD-002R, NOVA3D Elfin**, Zortrax Inkspire
138x85  Creality Halot One / LD-002H, NOVA3D Bene 4** / Elfin 2 Mono SE, Elegoo Mars 2/ 2 Pro**
142x90  QIDI 3D Shadow 6, Voxelab Polaris/ Proxima
192x120  Elegoo Saturn V1**
195x122  Creality LD-006 / Halot Sky, Phrozen Shuffle XL 2018 / 2019 / Shuffle XL Lite 2020 / Make XL / Sonic XL 4K
196x126  Elegoo Saturn V2** (Not Saturn 2), Voxelab Proxima 8.9" 4K, Flashforge Foto 8.9
198x120  Creality LD-003
202x128  Anycubic Photon X / Photon Mono X** / Photon Mono X 6K / Photon M3 Plus, Sainsmart KL-9, Elegoo Saturn S**
219x140  Kelant S400 / S400S / S500 / S500S, Qidi 3D S-Box
225x145  Epax X10 / X10 8.9 / X10 10.1" / 2K color / X10 8.9 4K Mono)
232x141  Epax E10
286x165  Peopoly Phenom, Elegoo Jupiter
294x168  Phrozen Transform** / Transform Fast ~Please let us know if you have a perforated build plate!
368x219  Epax X156, Peopoly Phenom L

**Needs a Z Limit Switch Adapter (scroll down) 

Some plates are ~1mm different than exact but will work as advertised. Since there are so many different manufacturers that can't agree on sizes, we've averaged measurements for some machines. 

Some machines like the Creality LD-002R can be adjusted with built in leveling screws but others cannot. If your machine has a swivel type build plate or does not have 2mm of vertical adjustment, the end stop will need to be triggered 2mm earlier. For optical end stops, the interrupter needs extended 2mm. 

As naming conventions for Resin printers aren't always the best for the frequency of updates, it is recommended that you measure your build plate before purchasing our TM-FLEX R plates.

For known machines that require Z limit switch adapters, see below:

Included Items:

  • 1 of TM-FLEX R Plate 
  • 1 of Extra Hold Magnet
  • 1 piece of sandpaper / red scotchbrite (depending on size)

To add a second plate, check that in the "Add-ons and Upgrades" section but please VERIFY that you are ordering the size you need. We will ship what is ordered. 

To see our Install and Use Guide, click HERE

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