Filament Sensor Adapters for the Troodon 2.0 Series

Tiny Machines 3DSKU: TM-TROD2-FILADAPT-1
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Setup: IN_OUT
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Developed for the Troodon 2.0 series 3D printers, these printed or laser-cut guides facilitate easier attachment of PTFE tubing to and from the filament runout sensor. Additionally, they help to loosely secure the filament runout sensor to the back of the machine.

IN_OUT setup can be used on other machines when using the Lerdge v2 type filament runout sensor.

EXT setup can be used in any application to connect pieces of 4mm PTFE tubing together with securely locking collets. Having a PTFE connector allows shorter tubing to be extended.

Product photos were shot on an in house Troodon 2.0 with Klipper, printed in Polymaker Black ABS. Typically, parts are printed in red or black ABS. Color may vary. 

IN_OUT Includes:  

2 x M3x25 SHCS (pink arrow)
2 x M3 nylon locking nut (not shown)
2 x PTFE collets with clips (blue arrow)
1 x laser cut mounting plate (red arrow)
1 x FDM printed inlet (yellow arrow, left)
1 x FDM printed outlet (yellow arrow, right)

EXT Includes:

1 x FDM printed coupler
2 x PTFE collets with clips

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