TM-FLEX Magnetic Flexible Print Surface - Build Plate

Plate Size: 165*165
Surface Type: Textured Powder Coated


This listing is for the build plate only, magnet purchased separately.

We are currently processing our TM-FLEX order and will be restocking for the next few days. Plates are now being sold separately from the magnet allowing our customers to purchase spares. 

Our TM-Flex magnetic build plate system is the perfect balance of performance and value. Available in both Smooth PEI and Textured/Powder Coated, this means you’ll get superior bed adhesion during printing and significantly smoother print removal once your print is finished. Our TM FLEX build plates also come with custom rounded tabs for easier plate installation and removal.

For machines with moving beds, the TM FLEX system also reduces the moving component mass (compared to glass or aluminum plates).

Available in four varieties: Smooth PEI and Textured Powder-Coated surfaces, some limited quantities of Double-Sided and Spring Steel are also available.

Find your size below   

    • 165*165
      • Fits Ender 2/Pro
    • 235*235
      • Fits Creality CR-20/CR-20 PRO, Ender 3/4/5 (pro versions too), Tevo Flash, Geeetech A10/ A10M, Robo R1+
    • 245*255
      • Fits Creality CR-6SE (Magnet has holes for standoffs)
    • 255*255 
      • Fits Voron 2.4/Trident 250
    • 280*280 
      • Fits Ender 7 
    • 305x305
      • Fits Voron 2.4/Trident 300
    • 310*235
        • Fits Creality CR-10 Mini
      • 310*310 
        • Fits Creality CR-10S, Creality CR-10, Evnovo/Artillery Sidewinder X1, JG Aurora A5 series, Wanhao D9(300), Tevo Black Widow, Biqu Thunder, Folgertech FT5 
      • 310*315A
        • Fits Creality CR-10 Smart (Magnet has holes for standoffs)
      • 310*315B
        • Fits Creality CR-10 Smart Pro
      • 310*320
        • Fits Creality CR-10S PRO, CR-X , CR-10 V2/V3 and Ender 3 MAX, Troodon 300
      • 355*355
        • Fits Voron 2.4/Trident 350
      • 370*376
        • Fits Ender 5 Plus
      • 410*410
        • Fits Creality CR-10-S4, Vivedino/Formbot T REX 2/2+/3 and Raptor 1/2, gCreate gMax,
      • 410*420
        • Fits Vivedino Raptor 2+, T REX 3+ and Troodon 400
      • 420*420
        • Fits Hieha/Mamorubot SX4
      • 420*428
        • Fits Creality CR-6 Max
      • 470*470
        • Fits Creality CR-10 MAX
      •  510*510
        •  510*510 SEE MAGNET NOTE BELOW
          • Fits Creality CR-10-S5    
    CR-10 S5 (510x510) users, make sure the holes in your build plate are like the image below. If you have a custom plate or something different, contact us before placing your order. 

    If printing with PETG, use of PVA glue (glue stick) between the print and the print surface is necessary to prevent damage to the PEI. 

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